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Services Offered.


Here are some services  may be helpful to you & your nutrition goals. If you think of something not on this list lets talk! Food & nutrition is about being creative if you can think it up we can make it work!

Individual Counseling 

During your initial consultation, we will get to know you better to best reach your unique goals. This includes medical history, nutrition questions or concerns, dietary intake. At your follow up visit your Joanna will provide encouragement, accountability & give you additional creative ideas to help you along your journey with nutrition.

Phone, Email or Skype Follow Up Visits 


In our busy lives not everyone will have time to meet at the office in a conventional manner. Please feel free to pick an alternative follow up appointment if this best fits you & your families needs

Computer Diet Analysis


7 Day Micro/Macro Nutrient Analysis 

Have you ever wondered nutrients you are actually consuming? Or perhaps recent blood work made you worried about sources of cholesterol, sodium, vitamins or minerals? Consider having your diet analyzed to check for deficiencies, excesses or ways to best meet your nutrition needs.

Follow up visit is a great way to brainstorm ideas to help get back on track!

Grocery Store Tours


I will meet you at the grocery store of your choice & will discuss choosing healthy options, portion sizes, food labels & much more. What a great way to jump start healthy living by learning how to make good choices for you & your family!

Nutrition Party 


Interested in nutrition & want an excuse to have your friends over for good food & great conversation? Consider booking a nutrition party today! Joanna will come to your home, discuss a nutrition topic of your choice & even provide a snack with recipes for home.

**If interested I will contact you to discuss topics of interest, food allergies/dietary concerns, & number of individuals attending.


Additional Services Provided  


Workplace Wellness Programs, Seminars & Workshops, Lectures, Nutrition for a Healthy Baby, Coffee Hour Nutrition Classes & much more available upon request!


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